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Knowledge, Skills, and Care for Life's Challenges.

Partners in Prevention Alpena MI

Our Vision

Partners in Prevention in Alpena MI offers a valued array of training, facilitation,

and support services designed to promote individual and community resilience.

Our Mission

Partners in Prevention helps our community raise children who are safe, loved, and resilient,

and helps adults increase knowledge and skills to address life's challenges.


These shared values form the foundation of everything we undertake:

  • Embracing our independence to choose ways and means of responding to needs

  • Modeling empathy and respect

  • Being non-judgmental

  • Building relationships

  • Welcoming multiple viewpoints

  • Fostering the understanding that all have gifts to contribute

  • Seeking solutions

  • Sharing accurate information

  • Promoting the importance of self-care

  • Using internal reflection and external feedback


"Life-changing programs, amazing support! Highly recommend!"

"Dedicated team making a real difference. Impressed by their commitment."

"Incredible impact on our community. Truly grateful for their work."

Areas we serve

Partners in Prevention provides assistance in the following areas of Northeast Michigan:

  • Alcona County

  • Alpena County

  • Montmorency County

  • Presque Isle County

Partners in Prevention Alpena MI
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